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Hi, I'm Jane McDonnell. I help nonprofit media organizations start up, build inclusive leadership and strategies, and make meaningful change. Because we need a new approach to journalism.


After 20 years as a reporter, editor and newsroom executive, I left legacy journalism to experiment with digital news. In 2008, I helped lead the news transformation as Executive Director of the Online News Association, where I saw firsthand that culture-changing talent, voices and systems are crucial to journalism's survival. free range media is the next stage in that mission.


About Me

how i can help

Leadership & Change

Is your leadership's goal equitable, sustainable journalism? You'll need inclusive strategies and people to get there. I guide new, small or large nonprofit media in building dynamic, BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ leadership in the newsroom and boardroom, expanding your voice and reach. 

  • Setting up a 501(c)3 media organization.

  • Assessing your leadership structure and planning for succession.

  • Building & diversifying your board and staff.

Evolving Coverage

How do you change your approach to coverage? Not just from the top down. Listen to your people. Think & train differently. Whether you're creating a design thinking lens or developing products, I can evaluate and reshape your strategy to be inclusive, empathetic and collaborative. 

  • Evaluating training and strategies for leaders and teams. 

  • Changing who's in the room. 

  • Planning for products for inclusive audiences.

Let's Talk
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